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Author Dee Shaffer walks through her journey of trauma and pain to show us how she discovered many of those answers we are all searching for. Just before she gave in to complete despair, she gave everything up to God, allowing him to be the cornerstone of all her decisions. As a result of this transition, she was finally able to receive his healing, know his peace, and experience his miraculous restorative power in every area of her life, including relationships that were beyond repair. God does not punish. God forgives, heals, and calls us closer to him. Why is God Punishing Me? profoundly illustrates this very process.


This is a quick resource for all nurses to help develop leadership skills in order to effectively manage staff. Nurses are so important, and they need more help! This easy read will be one more tool to help these valuable professionals..

Life's Little Cheat Sheet and Unmasking torment, The emotional parasite

Offers meaningful snapshot guidance to help you identify, manage, and overcome many challenging life situations.  We all face difficult people at home and at work.  This book will help you navigate these encounters and place you on higher ground. Also, learn what it is that others find magnetic about people.  It is probably not what you think.  This book will put a life coach in your back pocket and will illuminate a trail for you to walk.

Torment-The Emotional Parasite offers a quick but deep dive into emotional torment.  Many are living with it but don’t know why it is there or how to get rid of it.  This book offers creative insight into emotional torment, its origins, what sustains it, and how it grows.  Often, we serve as its involuntary host, but we don’t have to continue.  Learn about this painful freeloader and understand its lifecycle so that you can stop it well before it creates a stronghold.


Ever wonder why some marriages fail while others thrive? What if there was a resource or a guide that outlined the principles couples must understand in order to have a successful marriage relationship? Here it is. Written by author, Dee Shaffer this book offers down-to-earth, uniquely sensible solutions for keeping your marriage strong and vibrant. Many aren’t aware, but a relationship is like a human life. It must be taken care of for it to remain alive, otherwise the relationship will continue to disconnect and will ultimately result in its death. “Disconnected” evaluates common themes among many profound moments of deterioration within failed relationships and gives clear direction as to how to prevent those moments and stay powerfully connected to each other. It provides a unique and creative understanding of the anatomy of a relationship and ways in which it can be properly nurtured so that couples can learn how to create and maintain a loving partnership. Woven into the book is the honest and vulnerable truth of Dee’s own relationship failure and the lessons learned through the tragedy of divorce. If you want a deeper love, a stronger marriage, a way to have constructive conflict, embrace this book. God doesn’t want your marriage just to work. He wants it to succeed!



A woman with highly intellectual pursuits and accomplishments is child-like inside and frozen in a state of torment from her past. Her emotions frighten her as she predominantly exists in an intellectual world. No one would suspect the feral nature that she has kept contained deep within. She is a wounded animal trapped inside a powerful robotic mind. She meets a man and develops an unsuspecting relationship with him and all the while she is subconsciously learning that his presence and steady influence, along with his unconditional love, tames her feral nature. His selfless love is powerful, and it naturally heals her tormented fears.


A battered woman finds the will to escape an abusive relationship on the heels of yet another traumatic event. She sneaks out of her house in broad daylight and bravely escapes on foot through a dense and relenting forest. She discovers a barn and uses it for shelter, as the owner of the barn discovers her weeks later. His startled reaction turns to compassion as he begins to recognize her incredible strength and courage.


An accomplished, reclusive professor spends her winters in an old stone house in the mountains of remote northern scotland. She writes brilliant masterpieces that sit in the dust of the worn-out shelves- just waiting to be discovered. Her murdered body is discovered near the icy road leading to her home and it remains a mystery until an unexpected event and twist of fate exposes the truth.


Deceit, control, and suicide?
I think it is safe to say that I didn’t have the best upbringing. My mother is a vindictive, narcissistic, and manipulative woman.
I thought I had managed to escape her wicked grasp, but after Kelsey’s sudden death, I find myself back in the middle of my dysfunctional family.
Now it is just me and Leah left to fight for ourselves. I want to make sure she is safe, but Mother is not allowing me to see her much at all. I am doing all I can, but I am worried about her.
She doesn’t deserve to suffer through the upbringing that I had when I was younger. She deserves a real chance at making a successful life for herself.
I’m especially concerned because I don’t think Kelsey committed suicide like we are being told.
Do I think my mother is involved? I wouldn’t put anything past her at this stage.
One thing is for sure. I will do whatever it takes to find out…

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