About the Author

Dee Shaffer was born in England on a military base and then moved to the United States as a young girl. She grew up with a twin brother and younger sister and after her parents divorced and remarried, and was joined with another brother and step-siblings. Dee struggled academically throughout her grade school, middle school, and some high school years as a result of many early challenges she experienced, but had success in athletics and eventually went on to play three sports in college. Throughout her college career, she began to improve academically as she learned to adapt and realize that her mind was not limited.

Dee began to write journals and poetry as a young woman and became aware that writing offered a way of expression. She began to understand that depth of emotion and imagination could be shared in words and writing became a passion for her as she began life as an adult. Throughout the course of the next several years, Dee’s life took her through many experiences that offered both significant reward and tragedy.

As impossible as her world seemed in this lengthy period of her life, it was the best situation for her to be in as this was the moment that she surrendered to God and developed deep trust and faith in Him. As God navigated her out of these challenges, life began to look different for Dee and she was then able to recognize her purpose more clearly. These very harsh and deep waters opened her eyes to real life hardship as well as the incredible healing and saving power of Jesus Christ.

Dee was inspired to write her testimony in “Disconnected” and “Why is God Punishing Me?” in order to help others seek real truth and answers at any time in their lives, even in their darkest hour. These books have been republished in 2022 along with eight other publications that have a healing, restorative, helpful message to most of them. Dee is not afraid to express dark realities in her writing as she understands that life is and can be deeply challenging.

Dee works as a healthcare executive and writes every chance she can. She will continue to publish additional work in the fiction, non-fiction, and children’s genres. Her life, although imperfect, is now a reflection of the incredible grace, mercy and guidance of the Lord. All glory to Him as He has raised His child from out of the blinding darkness.